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Welcome to IgeaCare solutions inc.

IgeaCare Solutions Inc. is a company committed to manufacturing state-of-the-art telephony-based communication systems.

Our strategic partnerships and complete focus on the healthcare market, enables us to provide you with a complete communication solution, connecting staff, attendants, maintenance and administration with each other in real time.

IgeaCare Solutions Inc. caters to Assisted Living Facilities, Retirement Homes, Long Term Care Facilities, and Hospitals. With our innovative nurse call system, and our integrated software platform, our solution provides your facility with a reliable communication system that can provide a demonstratable ROI.

Assisted Living Solutions - igeacom 300, 301, 500, 501 and EMU
Retirement Home Solutions - igeacom 300, 301, 500, 501 and EMU
Long Term Care Facility Solutions - igeacom 600, 601, 700 and 701
Hospital Solutions - igeacom 600, 601, 700 and 701
Education Solutions - EMU, eCall, and igeacom 500 and 501
Hospitality Solutions - EMU and eCall
Retail Solutions - Customer Assist 200 and EMU
PERS (Personal Emergency Response) - Residential - EMU
Centralized Reporting, Recording and Diagnostics - apoloDS

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April, 2011 - Exciting new product releases coming soon!!! Contact our National and Regional Sales Managers for more detail.

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